Garry Birtles Drives Language Change

February 13, 2012

Lackadaisical – of the sort of person who regularly exclaims ‘alack the day!’, “affectedly languishing” says the OED. obs. I reckon.

Lackadaisical – horizontally laid back, indifferent to exactitude. (presumably from ‘slack’, ‘lazy’, also the slightly drunken rhythm of the word?) Think The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Or the line ‘She’s so lackadaisical, could have been a West Coast Bride’ from Pavement’s Texas Never Whispers:

(from which moment all was decline).

Lackadaisical – sloppy, inattentive to tasks requiring attention. Almost exclusively sports related. Which brings us to…

Laxidaisical/Laxydaisical – The football commentator’s version. Brings in the notion of ‘lax’ rules, as well as emphasising the lazy (football commentator bait notions). No matter the dispassionate level of tolerance for linguistic change, impossible not to shout ‘IT’S FUCKING LACKADAISICAL, BIRTLES YOU DICK’ at the screen when he does this.

garry birtles

[edit 15/02/2012] Fuck! How could I forget? Fortunately A Ward has reminded me in the comments of this:

Kinda amazes me they haven’t got a ref to Garry Birtles as well tbh.