Today I’m going to do something with pimentos, Ainsley

The details you find in journals and memoirs are often things that are lost to less digressive forms of recorded history.

Take this wartime meal described by Denton Welch in his journal entry for Monday, 7th June, 1943 –

Last Monday I went to supper with Noel Adeney. We had cold soup flavoured with claret, and fennel in long green shreds; then a sort of pilau of rice, onions fried, pimento excitingly scarlet like dogs’ tools, and grated cheese. The tiniest new potatoes and salad. Afterwards plums, and creamy mild tomato cocktail to drink.

Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Easy on the dogs’ tools tho.

A bit later, he goes into a pub with his friend Eric who has gin with half a pint of stock. Impressive, huh? Don’t see that very often. One to ask superior cocktail waiters for.

Wouldn’t like to see you all going hungry though, so here’s what today’s top chefs have to offer.

2 Responses to Today I’m going to do something with pimentos, Ainsley

  1. ratheripped says:

    Nice blog; can’t remember how I found it, probably via some spurt of enthusiasm re Joceyln Brooke. Haven’t listened to The Fall in decades. And link to Journey to Stella, Swiftingly-fit.

  2. […] sorry about this, there’s an addition to the list of literary drinks in Wireless: I refilled the stove, and, after reckless expenditure of Mr. Cashell’s […]

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