Crap blurbs – part one of a series

Or in this case, crap quote from review used as part of blurb. On the back of Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon, is the following excerpt from Philip Hensher’s Spectator review –

Very grand and mad and beautiful… I can’t remember having reviewed a more original novel … and if America produces a novel to come near this marvellous, proliferating thing this decade, I promise to eat it.

While we’re on the subject, I lost my copy of Mason and Dixon a while ago. (On a camping trip? Is that possible?) So in order to check the Hensher quote, I popped into my local friendly stationers, also known as Waterstones, and located a copy. What the fuck have they done to the cover?

Same with all his books. If I can’t find an original paperback copy, I’m going to have to do what I did with the Penguin Classics version of Lucky Jim and also the Arden second series edition of Othello and rip the front cover off.

The latter depicted the noble Moor as a sort of bewildered chocolate cake and would have been incredibly offensive were it not for the memorable ineptitude of all the second series covers, composed by some group of high grade mental defectives calling themselves the…

This is very exciting. I couldn’t remember what they were called, so I went trawling on the internet, and via this slightly loopy question and answer, discovered that they were the rather sinister sounding Brotherhood of Ruralists. They’ve got their own website!

[this initially linked to the website, but some brainless fanny made it link to a pr0n site somehow – I’ve now taken the link down]

Further researches have led me to believe that one Graham Arnold is responsible for the Othello front cover. I still can’t find an image of it anywhere though, so it isn’t possible to pin the blame firmly on him yet. In the meantime his biographical page provides a fascinating insight into the life of an artist –

Moved to Shropshire, 1986
Falls from ladder – breaks shoulder, 1987
Visits Umbria (Italy), 1992

In between was presumably when he went metnal wit da choklit kake init.

One Response to Crap blurbs – part one of a series

  1. am says:

    An important point here re: needing to rip the front cover off books

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