A couple of things to read before returning to fantasies of Tommy gunning down your colleagues

Being at work isn’t really compatible with posting trenchant entries on literature; no brilliant 10,000 word close analysis of Wyndham Lewis’s Childermass today, you’ll be disappointed to learn. 

Just a quick nod, then, at a couple of things that should help distract from the agonising quotidian boredom and inutile hatred engendered by spreadsheets, and emails marked urgent.

Look! Journal to Stella on the internet! OK, so it’s a bit of a mess at the moment, but I’m sure it will all be cleaned up soon and, with the Diary of Samuel Pepys, should form an essential part of anyone’s morning reading. I usually find that entering their daily grind is a welcome distraction from mine.

Surely it can’t be just me that warms to Swift’s servant Patrick rather more than the Dean at times? All that whingeing.

And fuck M&S’s Christmas campaign; I’m shopping here from now on –

 Harris’s Handbill


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